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We value your business, if you value our time 🙂

If it’s important. Do it right.

"Quality, Cheap, Reliable - pick any 2 but you can't have all three"
  • 1. It can be good quality and reliable but it won't be cheap
  • 2. It can be cheap and reliable but it won't be good quality.
  • 3. And it can be good quality and cheap but it won't be reliable if it ever happens at all.

We're a small & specialised team of local professionals. Everything's done 'by the books' with contracts and check-points along the way. We're not your cheap solution. We offer a premium quality full-service experience with backup planning and a dedicated team of booking professionals.

Booking Entertainment with us

At a minimum we need to know:
  • 1DATE & TIME - even if it’s just an estimate of the start time
  • 2LOCATION (or venue)
  • 3The SIZE -how many guests/attendees are you planning for?
  • 4The THEME (or occasion)
    • • Wedding, Corporate Function, Birthday?
    • • Modern, Classic, Urban, Country?
    • • Dress up, dress down, costume, black tie?
    • • Ticketed event? Free community event? etc.

Submit an enquiry once you know these 4 things above and then we'll assign you a dedicated booking consultant.

Don’t have these things yet?

The Booking Process

Private & Corporate Events (Best to allow 1 - 2 weeks)
  • 1

    Create a shortlist Submit Event Details

  • 2

    Discuss Pricing Estimates & Moving Forward

    It's important to get this right to avoid paying additional service fees.

  • 3

    Artist Negotiations & Tentative Reservation

    Our 15% standard service fee includes one round of negotiations and reservations. Read More

  • 4

    Contract Preparation & Signing

  • 5

    Booking Locked-In

    Cancellation Policies Apply
  • 6

    Final Preparations
    Final Run Sheet

  • 7


Monthly Entertainment Rosters

Leisure & Hospitality Venues

Looking for a better way to manage your entertainment rosters?

Artist Partner Program

Web App Listing - Membership

As of January 2023, any new Artist Listings require a minimum 3-month plan at $270 per quarter*. You can apply for a Sponsored-Tier Plan at a fully discounted rate (100% Discount). These application are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • * 3 months paid upfront
  • * terms & conditions apply Read more
Doing Gigs Together The Basics
What you’ll need:
  • 1

    You'll need an Australian Business Number to do business with us. You can easily apply online. Apply for one here

  • 2

    We don't live in the 90's anymore - all artists need this cover! We recommend Duck For Cover. It'll cost you around $130 per year.

  • 3
    OCHRE CARD (optional)

    Also known as a 'working with children clearance'. Usually required if gigging at a family, retail centre or community event. Apply for one here

  • 4

    All our gig confirmations (rosters) and contract signing (special events) are confirmed online. Also you'll need to email us your invoices.

What we do

Design, produce & deliver events and brand activations that tell stories and unlock the participant's imagination.

How we do it

Start from the visitor journey and work back towards the creatives

Take theming beyond visuals and styling

Only deliver events we produce the concepts for

Your event might be memorable, but is it magical?


We use a 4-Tier theming framework to ensure your event is unique and adds the magic of storytelling.

Ultimately we're creative event producers and storytellers. Our events division is more aligned with the music & theatre industry rather than the conference & event management space. This is why we only deliver (event manage) events we produce concepts for and vice versa.

Focus Sectors

  • Business
  • Retail
  • Community
  • Hospitality

Conflicts Of Interest Policy

To preserve the integrity of our organisation, we do not engage in business activities which; in our professional opinion and to our best knowledge, conflict with any of our current business dealings including but not limited to current,

  • • long and short term client contracts,
  • • artist partner business relationships,
  • • other supplier-partner business relationships,

and any other key-partnerships or active client contracts which we believe inhibits our ability or clouds our best judgement in part or whole to deliver the services agreed upon.

Put simply:

We offer localised services with varying degrees of involvement depending on the project. For instance, if a client requests our Event Division to produce a public or community event aimed at a specific geographic catchment or audience-segment, we avoid offering similar projects/services to another client targeting the same catchment/segment. However, when providing ancillary or artist procurement services to a third-party event producer via our Entertainment Division, there's rarely any conflict of interest.

At Primetime Entertainment & Events, we evaluate each new project on a case-by-case basis. If we identify any potential conflicts of interest, we'll communicate them transparently to all parties involved. We consider this to be a standard business practice that promotes fairness and ethical conduct.

If you have any concerns or questions about this policy, please reach out to our Managing Director, Bernard Wilson, through our main contact page.

Areas of Operation

Live Entertainment Bookings
Unique Event Production
New Media & Meta Marketing
Software Development

Memberships & Associations


The consulting team:

Bernard Wilson
Managing Director & Principal Consultant

Live production & brand engagement consultant with 24 years experience across corporate & public events, business tourism, government activations, lifestyle & retail venue markets. Originally an IT professional, Bernard entered the live performance industry in 1999 as an on-stage performer before promoting his own events & consulting licensed establishments.

Adrian Zac
Lead Booking Consultant

Adrian is a veteran entertainment professional who cut his teeth in the 80's & 90's at some of Adelaide most notorious nightspots. Having being involved in a number of music directorship roles across a variety of commercial settings along with the experience of working within the unforgiving and thick-skinned record label industry, Adrian has transferred this hustle and bustle background into the corporate event sector which he spearheads as lead booking consultant.

Melanie Gray
Creative Event Producer

Mel is a seasoned entertainment and events professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Her expertise in producing exciting and immersive concepts is rooted in her innate ability to tell compelling stories with tact and finesse. A professional background in live performance and songwriting, Mel brings a unique and dynamic approach to event and activation production.

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